ADV2152 Multifunctions Kiosks

21.5 Digital Signage, Temperature Check with Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser 3L and more

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Main functions

• Full-metal No-contact Hand Sanitizer & Soap Dispenser 3L bottle tank. You can use it for dispensing soap for handwashing or hand sanitising in the kitchen, the bathroom, at home, the office, public places and so on
• Drip tray for less soiling around the disinfection unit
• Spray/ Foam/ Gel dosages are 0.4/ 0.5/ 1.5 ml (up to 7500/ 6000/ 2000 doses delivered per refill)
• Temperature Detection, high-performance temperature sensor. Temperature storage memory: the latest 20 sets of data. Version Android
• AI face and Mask recognition: 20,000 faces storage and stanger detection
• 21.5″ LCD FHD IPS full view angle screen, 1920*1080 FHD, play video, pictures etc
• Floor stand three lights indicators Synchronous display: Green light, sanitizer liquid level is more than 10% and stand by; Red light when sanitizer liquid level is lower than 10%; Blue light, when hand disinfection (hand detected and spray delivered)
• CMS software (Use PC to send AD, videos, pictures and set the auto playtime, on/off time and so on, one account can control more than 1000 pcs device at the same time)
• Possibility to add tailored features such as QR code Payments, queuing management, Registrations, NFC Card Reader, Thermal Printer and more
• Supports both wall mount and floor standing installation with Height adjustment
• Custom LOGO: users can provide LOGO printing, door panels or other positions

Multifunctions Kiosks - Options

Tailored-made applications software development

In addition to the basic features*, ADV2152 kiosks offer the following optional functionalities: POS, QR code scaner, NFC card reader (13.56MHZ 14443 PROTOCOL IC card), Thermal printer (80mm paper), etc. 

Thanks to SDK, customers can develop tailored-made applications according to their operational needs. For example: Self-service ordering food/ payement, queue management system, Registration to a service, Information help desk, etc. *Advertisement and Content display, Temperature measurement; Hand Sanitizer and Soap Dispenser.

18650 Lithium Recheargable Battery

ADV2152 supports a Lithium battery with charger: 12V, 20A, 240W, 10-12 hours working time.


ADV2152 Multifunctions Kiosks 3L Hand Sanitizer and Soap Dispenser is convenient for anyone: to deliver soap for handwashing or hand sanitising at home or in any public places. A Reliable and Cost-effective solution to help people keep their hands clean and safe. It supports both wall mount and floor standing installations.