Temperature Measurement System

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Main functions

• Non-contact temperature measurement safer (reducing the risk of cross-infection) and automatic capture of abnormal body temperature
• Monitoring the temperature of an extensive range of people at the same time, mark them in red and issue an alarm signal immediately. Multiple people can be detected at the same time (support multiple marks); the detection time is less than 0.5 seconds
• Wide dynamic binocular
• Real-time temperature monitoring, Body temperature tolerance range is accurate to 0.3°
• Body temperature detection distance is 0.5-5 meters
• Cloud platform device: supports storing 50,000 face photos at the same time (Photo size is less than 400KB), 1 million identification records(0.45KB), 20,000 pieces live snapshot photos
• LAN Platform device: supports simultaneous storage of 20,000 pieces face photos (The photo size is calculated according to 100KB), 1 million identification records (Contains the most recent 10,000 elements live snapshot photos)
• Artificial intelligence face detection algorithm can recognize the face, even wearing a mask
• Can provide SDK for software customization. Highly freedom for secondary development
• Tripod mounted or Wall mounted installation and connected to a computer


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Integrated infrared and visible light, better monitoring effect

This Intelligent AI binocular thermal imaging system is composed of AI binocular temperature detecting camera and AI thermal imaging screening system. Integrated by the thermal temperature detecting sensor of high-accuracy, built-in intelligent face capture algorithm, and ISP image signal processing technology, etc. This device has powerful features: face detection, temperature detection and face capture, etc. With AI thermal imaging screening system, it can accurately detect the body temperature, capturing face picture and records for those people appeared in front of his device. It can effectively help to monitor and detect the body temperature of entry and exit people, thus contributing to preventing epidemic situations.

Clear infrared thermal image, and visible light image with 1920X1080 resolution; adopts advanced Intelligent image algorithm processing technology, accurate temperature measurement technology, to achieve multi-target abnormal temperature simultaneous monitoring and mark abnormal temperature objects.